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Same old, same old.
Well, obviously, I haven't been on a lot.
Every Summer break, I don't go online a lot.

And like, whoa!
I haven't updated on lj for 3weeks .

Earlier I just watched American Idol
And Miley performed her song, The Climb
which was really good.
I was a bit bothered about her whole outfit.
She could've worn clothes that are more casual than what she wore.
Her outfit was a dress with her hair up
But over-all her performance was amazing.

Wow, I sounded like a judge XD

Also, the amazing, Jennifer Hudson performed too.
And oh, Matt was saved!
the save that can only be used once the whole season.
Yay! Matt Giraud is one of my fave contestants there
I hope he goes a long way there now that he's saved.
I was expecting Lil to be out.
I mean, she chooses the songs, that I think doesn't even suit her.
And I totally agree with Simon Cowell when he said to Allison,
that she was the only hope of the girls' in the competition.

And so, yesterday, Wednesday
I watched a replay of GG
Episode 11
It was Thanksgiving at that time
I almost cried because of the whole thing.
Frankly, I don't know why.

I know it's too late to say this but,
I so love Demi's song, Behind Enemy Lines
It's kind of strange but I think I could relate to some
words in that song.
And the other day, I saw a movie while I was switching tv channels
I saw the title of one movie, it's called, Behind Enemy Lines
I thought it was so cool :D

And since, Philippines is late,
I just watched the Kids' Choice Awards
and the Jonas Brothers got slimed. :]
And Miley won, Favorite Female Artist, I think.
She said, she thought she was gonna lose.
I don't know but I have a feeling that she was expecting herself to win.
I mean, why would she say that.
But still, I love Miley :D
Her songs, actually.

I think that's all.
I'm predicting it will be a while before I post a new one. :/ :D

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You addicted Demi fan :'D

Of course she's better than Miley DD:

She wears dark makeup? o_o I didn't like the lip gloss she wore when she performed on Ellen though. xDD

Actually, I kind of liked her makeup
the whole thing. Even the lip gloss. :]

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