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Not much is happening.
Well Uh, I haven't been that much on LJ.
But here are some things I'mgonna tellya\

Yesterday, Therese and I was picked or I dunno, we volunteered to give a description for our section in the yearbook,
YEAHH~ We were brainstorming.
The description of our class, 6 Pearl, was kinda nose bleeding, it could make blood come out of your nose.
Wahahahaha (:

We even doodled some stuff on a scratch paper. :'D
That's Me, Therese and Chesca.
Hazel - Chips Ahoy
Chesca - Nyam Nyam
Therese - Cake


Today, I tried promoting LJ to Master Alejandro a.k.a. Luis.
Our master. :]
Since he's putting some blogs on Multiply, why not make a LJ account too, right?

And also, today, They announced the Awardees
I only got Constant In Attendance and SYM Service Award, since I was member for Theater Arts for 3 years/
I kinda regret some things regarding these awards.
Before the school year started, my goal was to have awards; Academic Award, Diligence Award and Constant in Attendance Award.
And now, I don't have the Academic Award and the Diligence award anymore. :(
I lost the Academic because of Math-- Math's not my thing. at all.
I lost the Diligence Award because of a simple apron. Our teacher could've considered it.
But apparantly, this is reality, this is life, rules are rules.

It's good enough that I got some awards.
Also, I cannot forget THIS YEAR'S VALEDICTORIAN!
Alyssa Anne R. Arcayena!!
Congratulations TO YOU. :'D

Today, at practice, I'm kinda fittin' in. :)
The Grade 5 people or what we call ourselves, *air quote* Glowing Inside Dancers. : \
The people there are really friendly, I've made some friends, Lourdes, Iris, Gia, Isha an a lot more. :'D
Jhoan and Mikael are out of the dance number [I really don't know how to react or what, but Uh, I dunno]
Ate Ana and Ate Diane told me that.
Since they weren't really attending the practices, especially this week, then, they're out.

Today was also an interesting day because, I attended the Parent's Formation.
My Lola and I were kinda late, 15 minutes or so..
We were at the Registration section.
Mrs. Penano, Mrs. Fortu, Mrs. Embat and Ms. Mendez were there.
and, Mrs. Embat said, "Si Hazel dalagang-dalaga na."
And Mrs. Fortu even said, "Sexy ni Hazel ah."

well, not really, I was wearing a black not-so-long sleeved shirt and my bermuda shorts.

Then tomorrow will be all practices.
For the Graduation,.
So yeah, that's about it for today.

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Yes, Brainstorming was awesome. 8DD
And lulz good luck on Educator's day. O:


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