Nothing will happen if you don't believe.

Focus. Believe. Think Positive.

Uh, Nevermind. (:

Since my friends here on LJ are really few.
It came to my mind that I should have my entries as not for friends-only anymore.
I only have like 3 friends  I think.
But I will still, absolutely have my other entires as private 'cuz there's a tiny glitch with some of the words. XD

Till then,
              Hazel =D
Oh, btw, My  current mood is drunk
because I was slurring my words at school earlier like a person who is..well, drunk!! :))))


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Friendster Blog dilemma

>This Just In<

`Well,  just a while ago XD

So I was doing some blogging on my friendster blog.
When I clicked save, I didn't see it on my page.
I kept on clicking save for about 4 times already.
On the fifth time I did it;
The problem was, I need to click 'Publish' instead of 'Save'
How clumzy of me.

***You can view my profile here>>
I changed the bg so, Uhm..yeah. :)

Family Day 08-09 :]
Well, to start things up, a lot of people were absent -- Including Therese~ :'D
Therese: there wasn't any baked mac? (btw, i saw ur family pic) :P

So..Uh anyway.
before leaving the house, I was thinking; That I know I was missing something.
Then on the way out of the house, my mom asked where was my id.
Then omg. I really did forgot my id.
Good thing my mom checked. 8D <<that's the first time I used that emoticon. :))

The mass was held in the hall. So, after the mass, we went outside the shaded area of the quadrangle.
There were games. Like Grade 4, 5, 6 parents were playing.
Oh, mind you I joined one of those games. :)
Btw, of course not with the parents.
Actually, Sr. Malen forced us; me, aika, cianell, and the rest of us.
And so, we joined.
The instructions was, we need to put one 25 centavo on one of our finger.
I wanted to trade places in the line because I was in front.
Although, it was too bad, since we almost win.
But we didn't we lost.
Because, the last person to do the obstacle stuffs and  thingys..
was Edward Ramos of 6 Silver.
It was so close. Then as soon as he ran, the 25-cent fell, and wow; he took like what? a minute to find the 25 centavo.
So the Grade 5 won. We're just 2nd place. So uh, it's okay, I mean it was only a game right?

then after that, we went up to our classroom.
And everything was set.
The food, the lap top of Sr. Malen, although I'm not sure if that's hers.
Also the cassette player was set, too. (Did I spelled the word cassette right? If not, tell me)
And so was our song. and It  was Glowing Inside by Nikki Gil.
Then we sang, then afterwards, we ate And OH. the food was so so so de-li-cious.
So there was a lot of food.
I miss the cremiest carbonara I've ever tasted. =D

To sum it up.....
In my own opinion, I think the Family day this year is better than last year.
;; Well, last year was ok, i guess, since the space was wide.
But let's go to personal hygiene.
The comfort room there, at the venue last family day, last year. I mean, c'mon.
The comfort rooms are so freakin' stinky!
Unlike this year.
This year It's all organized.
And the best of all-- for me we only got to spend the day like half of the day. :))

~That's all~

Hello There. :>
So, Uhm, i should've wrote this entry as the first one to be on my blog. :/
Anyway. Just so you know, if you're viewing this, Better add me or else, i'll kill you. :P
all of my entries are gonna be.. for FRIENDS ONLY.
That's why i'm telling you, you; who is viewing this, to add me :)
so yeah, That's it.
EXCEPT FOR THIS ONE. :)) :)) :))

Cocky Roaches

So Uh, My first official blog! :)
I think, If I am not mistaken, this happened last January 21, 2009.
And actually I'm supposed to write a blog at that date but I ended up sleeping.
(because i was so, really tired.)

So anyway..
So Uh, every morning, I'm being picked up not literally, but fetched by my service
of course in going to school.

I went inside the service, and I saw this cockroach.
For a while, i didn't mind it because it was inches away from me, like 3-4 inches away from me,
not to be exact.
then, when we're already near the school, this guy who is my servicemate, leaned back on his seat, and I really had no idea why. So, we were almost near the school, then i felt something crawling somewhere near my left ankle. Then I took a look, then OMG.
I saw the cockroach on my left ankle.
Oh my gosh just by remembering it, it really makes me shiver. x|

i think that's it.
I'm completely disgusted so uh, i'd better not continue :)
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Finally, starting it off.


by the following days, i shall post an entry yay..
and it will be about...
  • Cocky roaches. :)) (Jan. 21, 2009) ;)
  • My Breakdown (Jan. 22, 2009)
  • The volleyball games. :P
  • and some stuff.


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