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Yay. No classes all week long!
Although I have nothing to do. Apparently, I'm getting dizzy now. Probably because I'm hungry already.. XD
HAHAHA. Anyway, The typhoon, Ondoy, really hit Philippines with a strike. Good thing it didn't hit our home. But Charize's house did. We chatted, hehe.. Blech, I don't normally use "..hehe" *chuckles* The flood reached their whole first floor, so wow.
And our other relatives stayed in ours because, their house was flooded/ lubog na sa baha.
And I saw Demi's twitter page, and she tweeted to help the people from the Philippines, so she placed the Red Cross' number; That's really sweet of her. :) So then, there's this other typhoon, which is in the Philippine Area of Responsibility already.
So people from the NDCC, (I dunno what NDCC stands for :P) told from the news that people from Metro Manila should prepare for this typhoon. Oh, the typhoon's name is Pepeng. For all I thought, it was Peping! HAHA.

I also got the phone numbers if people would want to help.
And I'm sure, people from Live Journal will see this, so I should put it here anyway.

For overseas donation: 1-800-527-2820

Sagip Kapamilya: 4132667/4160387

That's what I copied from the numbers that was flashing on the tv. :D


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